Sean is a highly motivated and creative air talent, who goes above and beyond the call of duty to succeed in this highly competitive radio business. Sean created several innovative and successful benchmark show features, and by utilizing his amazing production and social networking skills, his show ratings skyrocketed. On a personal level, Sean is a team player and just a real good guy! I would HIGHLY recommend Sean, and any company would be lucky to have him on board!
— Linda Lee (99.5 WYCD, Detroit)



Sean aka "Coop" Tabler is one of the most charismatic, and creative people I ever worked with. He was always willing to do whatever was asked of him and more. He not only was great on air, he produced all of the imaging for us, and was great with listeners. He also was very good at creating content exclusively for the website like videos and what not. It was a pleasure working with him, and I would jump at the chance to do so again.

— kobe (b94, pittsburgh)

I first met Sean as his intern at 99.5 WYCD in Detroit. There was something about Sean and his creativity with the show that drew me to want to work with him. He found new and exciting things to do almost every day and that is why I was excited to become his producer after being his intern at WYCD. And when I had the option to come with him to 98.7 AMP Radio, I knew it was something I couldn't pass up because I knew there was going to be a never ending chance to learn from him. 

Even though I have know him for 3 years, his knowledge still amazes me. It's a pleasure working with him every day.

— will kosnik (98.7 amp radio, detroit)

I started my on-air career with Sean as a mentor and served as his producer/co-host. He was an excellent teacher, very patient, and great to work with. His skills in radio are unparalleled in this industry when it comes to creativity, quick-thinking, and connecting with the listener.

— shannon (100.7 the wolf, seattle)

“you make me laugh; you make me cry and you make me think. Can’t ask for any more than that.”
— John Shomby (Director Of Programming NASH)