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Coop is heard in over 40 states in 2 different countries.  

26,000 twitter followers - 15,000 instagram followers

Since I forced my little brother to "play radio" with me using a karaoke machine as kids I've dreamed of working in this industry and have been incredibly lucky to learn from some of the most talented in the business with stops in Greensboro, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Detroit and my hometown of Virginia Beach.

I'm living a long time dream and goal of mine while hosting the internationally syndicated show "RedCup Country" distributed by United Stations Radio Networks to over 40 states in 2 different countries as well as hosting the morning show on my hometown station, 97.3 The Eagle in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

I am involved in several great charities and causes that are near and dear to my heart including St Jude Children's Research Hospital, Autism Awareness and The Lukemia Lymphoma Society among several local charities as well.

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what people are saying

When I first met Sean โ€œCoopโ€ Tabler, I knew I had met the younger brother I never had almost immediately, andโ€ฆ he loves radio as much as I do. Seanโ€™s passion for quality, and his proven performance makes him one of the top young talents in broadcasting today.

One of the reasons I accepted the job to come to WYCD in Detroit, was because of Seanโ€™s youthful, contemporary, fresh approach to radio. Itโ€™s fun, itโ€™s exciting, itโ€™s creative, and in a world of sameโ€ฆ I wanted to be part of his fresh energy, and I got to be, and it was really cool.

Losing Sean to our sister CHR station was a jagged pill to swallow, but we survived, as did he, becoming one of the premier morning talents in Metro Detroit, and earning his syndication stripes as budding host of Red Cup Country.

Professionally, Sean is dedicated to his craft, heโ€™s passionate, fun, creative, and has a strong desire to winโ€ฆ not only because radio is his passion, but his family depends on it. Heโ€™s a family man who loves his children, beautiful wife, and will do whatever it takes to make them proud of him.

Personally, you wonโ€™t find a nicer, more fun, easy going guy than Sean Tabler. โ€œCoopโ€, like me, a Detroit import, dove into this market head first, became a big part of this community, wears its sports jerseys, and lives like a local. Sean understands that a local connection with his audience not only benefits himself and his station as an air talent, but gives him that sense of community that is personally important. Sean is ready to settle down with his family in a community in which he and his children can thrive and he can be a leader behind and in front of the microphone.
— Jack Shell (Mid-Days/APD - WYCD)
I was instantly drawn to Coops charming personality, dedicated work ethic, and creative forward thinking. Coop is one of the nicest guys to work with. He brings so much passion and energy to not only his show, but the team around him. Coop goes above and beyond with listeners on and off the air always taking the time to answer an email or tweet. His connection to his audience is genuine and everyone who meets him loves him for all those reasons and more.
— Roxanne Steele (Mid-Days - WDZH)
Sean is a highly motivated and creative air talent, who goes above and beyond the call of duty to succeed in this highly competitive radio business. Sean created several innovative and successful benchmark show features, and by utilizing his amazing production and social networking skills, his show ratings skyrocketed. On a personal level, Sean is a team player and just a real good guy! I would HIGHLY recommend Sean, and any company would be lucky to have him on board!
— Linda Lee (Afternoons - WYCD)
Sean aka โ€œCoopโ€ Tabler is one of the most charismatic, and creative people I ever worked with. He was always willing to do whatever was asked of him and more. He not only was great on air, he produced all of the imaging for us, and was great with listeners. He also was very good at creating content exclusively for the website like videos and what not. It was a pleasure working with him, and I would jump at the chance to do so again.
— Kobe (Afternoons - WWHT)
I started my on-air career with Sean as a mentor and served as his producer/co-host. He was an excellent teacher, very patient, and great to work with. His skills in radio are unparalleled in this industry when it comes to creativity, quick-thinking, and connecting with the listener.
— Dakota (Weekend - KMPS)

Coop is the writer, host and social media director for RedCup Country!  



I pride myself in being extremely sales friendly and understand that meeting the needs/wants of our clients is one of the most important priorities of a successful radio talent.  I also understand that going above and beyond a "script" separates you and the brand from the competition and creates a sense of urgency to buy YOU and that benefits everyone.

We truly believe that Coop carried credibility with the listeners and that his endorsements made a positive impact for Taylor Chevrolet in terms of creating floor traffic and eventual buyers.

What more can you ask for from a professional talent who is endorsing your products and services?
— Coeta Holloway (Key Elements Marketing)
I canโ€™t tell you how much I appreciate you being so proactiveโ€ฆdonโ€™t ever change!
— Nicole Nelson (WGH Sales)

PHONE: 248.891.8514